“Red-Handed” by Pisceze

Toronto-based and genre-bending neo-soul/r&b artist Pisceze released the chill, catchy, and relatable track “Red Handed” on May 27th, 2022. 

The song is characterized by its light and easy-listening female vocals, that go along with the delicate guitar riff the song is built around. The track is smooth and sweet-sounding, disguising the bitterness and anger concealed within the song. The vocals are so gentle one might initially mistake it for a love song, until they listen more closely. 

The lyrics of “Red-Handed” tell a story you may be able to imply from the title alone—that of catching a partner in the act of cheating. In the words of the artist herself, “Ladies & fellas around the world will be able to relate to the real life story that brought this single to life.” The song sports the biting refrain, “Now everybody knows that you’re a clown / I’m done.” 

The bright, eye-catching, and aesthetically pleasing album art corresponds with the album’s title, depicting a red-gloved hand studded with gold rings, turning on a car stereo. This motif of red also connects back to pisceze herself—she is known to sport bright red braids and matching red lipstick in photoshoots. 

Pisceze takes inspiration from other genres beyond just neo-soul and r&b, drawing elements from k-pop, indie and contemporary pop. However, the first two elements are most prominent–one could imagine this is the girl’s side of the story in Shaggy’s famous hit, “It Wasn’t Me.” Pisceze is also known for “Five,” and “What’s Your Sign?”, two other throughly enjoyable tracks. After hearing “Red Handed,” we look forward to further releases from her!

Photo by Kevin @theunkwnkid





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