“Feel That Way” by Tainted Youth

“Feel That Way” by the London-based hyperpop/EDM duo Tainted Youth hit the world on April 7th, 2022. 

“Feel That Way” tells the story of someone bouncing back, stronger than before, after a less-than-great relationship. The song’s relatively sarcastic refrain, “Sorry that you feel that way,” conveys the satisfaction one feels after finally moving on from a toxic ex. The song’s powerful, strong energy communicates the feeling of knowing you’re finally in a better place than your ex, and the pleasure one can take in knowing you no longer care about their opinion or feelings. 

Tainted Youth say that their primary inspiration comes from the many electronic pop anthems that were born from their homeland of the UK in the 2010s— these are certainly palpable on “Feel That Way.” Though the pair cite Chase & Status or Magnetic Man as the artists that impacted them most, one can hear the likes of David Guetta and Cascada in their latest release. 

However, the duo add a modern twist to their tracks that draws inspiration from lighter, more laid-back genres such as indie rock to contrast against it. Together, these fuse to create a unique sound fit for the new decade of the 2020s. Ryan and Kathleen create a “Post-internet symphony” through “Feel That Way.” 

Tainted Youth are quite a new artist, first putting out “Better Off Apart” in 2021—be sure to keep an eye out for their future releases! 





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