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“I Am The Tree” by Kate Ellis

Kate Ellis released “I Am The Tree” on February 18 of 2022. The song is ninth on her Spirals album and is the epitome of folk music. It’s a song that’s easy to fall in love with, perfectly flowing. Ellis’ dreamy vocals breathe life into the earthiness, making it light and airy. “I Am The Tree” is a beautiful metaphor for the cycle of life, identifying the loss of one where it’s replaced in a way by another member of the family.

Kate Ellis wrote “I Am The Tree” after her mother’s passing when she realized that, now the sole matriarch, she had to step up and “be the tree” when she was “just a branch” before. It’s a song about adapting to change through grief. 

Soft guitar chords and a light tap of the drum start this song off, paving the way for Ellis’ light, breathy voice. “Winter’s calling and the leaves begin to change. They’re falling down around my feet like children as they play. As they play. As they play another game.” It’s a beautiful opening that compares the changes in life’s circumstances and familial changes to the winter’s dark, yet expected and sometimes interesting scene. You should definitely give this song a chance. It hits all the right notes.

Kate Ellis was born in Louisiana, but grew up in New York. She’s now based in London. The singer-songwriter’s southern country-folk roots come from her father, who once played guitar with Hank Williams on the Louisiana Hayride. For more on this Americana singer-songwriter, follow her socials linked below. Or visit her website, www.kateellis.com.

Written by Dana L. Sullivan





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