“In Love With The Enemy” by Koizumi

“In Love With The Enemy” is the second and latest single from the four piece band from Chicago. Singer and rhythm guitarist Josie Koizumi started the band in 2019 and over the years she has found a man who shreds like no other, lead guitarist Cody O, Mike Thompson who makes you hear your heartbeat with his bass skills, and drummer Tim Campbell who brings the heaviness to the group. Josie managed to find the guys through online ads and going to open mics so she could find the best of the best.

“In Love With The Enemy” is a heavy hitting track that makes you want to start a baby mosh pit with your friends, the angelic voice of Josie will instantly bring you in. Josie says that this song is if Juliet ever wrote a song about Romeo, it’s the duality of knowing nobody else but you believes in the love that you possess.

This rock track makes you want to let out any aggression that you may have been holding in, the wicked guitar solo mixed with the high notes that Josie hits is a combination for a perfect song. The music video associated with this song is a doozy, the back and forth black and white will take you on a journey.

The group is in the middle of releasing a four track EP and every single song will have a music video attached to it, keep an eye out because you don’t want to miss this release from Koizumi.

Do not let a genre define you, make the music you want to make cause gatekeepers are only guarding one spot so climb the damn fence! -Josie

Written by Jaye Maverick




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