“Once Bitten” by Grandpa Jack

Grandpa Jack is a name that you may be familiar with, the Brooklyn, New York band is bringing you a classic new hit “Once Bitten”. The trio shares vocals and songwriting while John Strom gives you the guitar riffs that just won’t quit, bassist Jared Schapker makes you feel your heartbeat in your ears and Matt C. White makes you think he broke his drums because he’s going to hard.

The group has an album coming out July 29 called “Grits” and they had the help of Matt Labozza with mixing and engineering and also Brad Boatright doing audiosiege: mastering.

According to Grandpa Jack, “Once Bitten” centers around the feeling of being aware when someone in your life has bad intentions. The epic song that goes along with the powerful message makes you feel like you can conquer anything or anyone, it has a heavy guitar riff that just won’t quit.

If Grandpa Jack isn’t already your favorite band then you have made a huge mistake, as the song goes on and on you get more and more into it. The intensity of “Once Bitten” keeps rising as the song continues, it makes you put on a stank face and head bang your life away.

The last minute and a half of the song is pure rock heaven, it’s just heaviness from everyone involved in the trio. It’s almost as if it is a separate song that you are listening to, you just can’t get enough.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Danielle Otrakji




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