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“Two Ships” by Ainsley Costello

Ainsley Costello released her twenty-third single, “Two Ships”, on June 10, 2022. The young artist’s voice is full of emotion, raw and unfiltered, well beyond her eighteen years. In this song, you feel the despair of a relationship gone bad through Costello’s powerful vocals.

“Two Ships” starts off with a beautiful guitar riff before Costello begins the first verse. “Can’t fight inevitability even though it’s killin’ me” she sings. The song has very early Taylor Swift vibes–Costello’s country roots show deep here. There’s a kind of peace to this breakup song, perhaps based on the inevitable end of this particular relationship. Or perhaps it’s simply being on the same wavelength as another person and what the status of the relationship is. 

There’s a definite change in pace and sound toward the end of “Two Ships” that you will have to listen to for yourself–maybe a little less surprising if you’ve listened to Costello for a while as there has been a shift in sound for the last few releases. It’s subtle, and her country sound is still very present, but there’s something new as well. 

Seattle native Ainsley Costello is based in Nashville, Tennessee and has been performing in talent shows and musical theater since she was seven years old. She began touring after performing at NAMM at fourteen years old, finishing high school online. At fifteen, she released her debut album, You Know I Am. She is inspired by artists like Kelsea Ballerini, Taylor Swift, and Caitlyn Smith while also leaning into some of her favorite bands like Paramore and Kings of Leon. For more on this rising artist, follow her on her socials linked below. 

Written by Dana L. Sullivan





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