“6 Shooter” by Wotts, The Desert Island Big Band

Canadian duo Wotts is back with their fourth single of the year, “6 Shooter”. Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jayem aka Jay and guitarist Ricky 100 tend to describe their music as indie pop that is ever evolving. “6 Shooter” is the first collaboration from the band ever, and they were honored with the presence of fellow Canadian The Desert Island Big Band, the duo said that DIBB challenged them to use parts from his new track to create something new.

“6 Shooter” is much different than “Six – Shooter”, the version that features Wotts is on the light and airy side of music, almost as if your heads are in the clouds. Wotts with the combination of DIBB brings out a new side of both groups, they both expanded past their normal horizon while still staying true to themselves.

The song entices you to forget about your worries and just dance your little heart out, the carefree sounding song is something everyone needs in their life. Wotts is an unforgettable band that may instantly become a favorite of yours if they aren’t already.

While you decide which version you prefer, you’ll forget that you’ve been listening to the same song over and over. “6 Shooter”….”Six – Shooter”, both amazing, unique songs in their own way, both something that seems almost irresistible. Wotts and DIBB really outdid themselves with their two versions of this track.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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