“Hold It Against Me” by Butterfly Haus feat. Rosarii

“Death ain’t unusual, but it ain’t what I’m asking for.” 

One has to wonder the whirlwind the mind goes through when someone is told they have something that many of us fear. Whether they tell you six months from now looks grim or that they have hope, your insides can’t help but go in a million different directions. While I’ve never been on the receiving end of this prognosis, I’ve been in the room, and lemme tell you – the world moves in slow motion for some time. So when I heard that the latest from Butterfly Haus, “Hold It Against Me” was penned after a hospital stay battling a disease, I knew my heart had to listen. 

There is a poetic feel to “Hold It Against Me.” When it started, and throughout, I felt that it was not of this time as it felt like something from the shag rug basements of the ‘70s as multiple parts felt constructed in the same manner as The Carpenters. The vintage way Butterfly Haus presented his tale intertwined with the background vocals provided by Norwegian singer-songwriter Rosarii came together in a way that gave “Hold It Against Me” a charming blend of indie and soul. Speaking of charming, the overall feel of this song felt like an endearing chat with a stranger that resonates with you, even after a lot of time has passed. My heart wanted to hear a varying perspective of fighting the unimaginable and my heart was not disappointed. 

Butterfly Haus is the moniker of the Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Osaze Akerejah. “Hold It Against Me” is the latest from him, but it’s not all he has delivered this year as he dropped “Half Dead Man” and a compilation album earlier this year. To hear all of that and more, make sure to check out Butterfly Haus on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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