“Hyperdrive” by TRYTONE

TRYTONE, an intercontinental rock trio that has been quickly making a name for themselves. The group comes from San Francisco, CA which is where lead singer Yaniv Illouz resides and Moscow, Russia, home to keyboardist Danila Martynov and multi instrumentalist Nikolay Marenkov. Due to everything that has been happening they are still thousands of miles apart but that hasn’t stopped them from releasing their first album “Hyperdrive”. The album tracks was recorded during summertime of 2021 at Zaris Studio (Moscow, Russia). Mixed and mastered in California by producer and singer-songwriter James Nagel.

“Hyperdrive” starts off with a classic rock sounding song “Hey You”, it instantly brings you in with a catchy guitar riff that won’t quit. They have a nostalgic sound that makes your heart have some butterflies, before the song is over you will be singing along with Yaniv. As you get down to “You Belong” you’ll notice a shift in the pace, a slower, more emotional song. “You Belong” makes you feel how you’ve always wanted to feel, vulnerable in a safe space.

Throughout the album “Hyperdrive”, the group said that the’ lyrics shed light on human relationships, vulnerabilities and insecurities, modern day society and challenges. “Tricks on You” gives you an insane introduction that makes you want to start a baby mosh pit with your friends, that same vibe continues into “Battlefield”. You feel as if you are ready to go to war and fight for al your rights.

“Adrenaline” brings you back down to a calmer, lower level, makes you feel serene. With “Hyperdrive” coming to an end, it’s nice to be able to relax and sit with your thoughts for a moment. That feeling doesn’t disappear when you start playing “Here We Go”, the serenity kicks in and the anxiety goes away. The thirty minute album will be over before you realize it and the next thing you know you’re going to play it again…..and quite possibly a third time.

TRYTONE is a group that will become a favorite of yours if it isn’t already, the trio has a way of making you feel like they made the album just for you and your emotions. The intricacy of the tracks makes it hard to want to listen to them endlessly.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits: Ekaterina Tregubova




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