“Marathon” by Alex Slay

“Marathon” by Alex Slay is the definition of smooth. With clear, debonair vocals, casually cool horn lines, and a few tasty R&B guitar licks, this song oozes finesse. Not to mention, Clover Jamez’s verse provides the perfect tonal balance. Listening to this song will make you feel suave, confident, and honestly pretty relaxed.

The song opens with a crisp jumble of textures. The guitar rakes through chords in style while a distant, reverb-drenched horn line voices a jovial melody. There’s a quick cascade of ghost notes backed by some laid-back white noise, namely some chirping birds. Alex Slay chimes, “Welcome to the Marathon,” introducing us to the oft-repeating, infectiously catchy hook. A few runs and flourishes of his voice send us hurtling into the verse.

Alex’s verse sports lyrics all about taking it slow, getting it right, and not stressing too much in the moment. His clear, bright vocal tone glides over every melody line effortlessly–often accompanied by a thick cluster of harmonies. The rhythmic integrity of this verse also holds its ground, alternating between quick, staccato phrases and long, mellow ones. Another chorus sends us right into Clover Jamez’s verse. His tone is a little warmer and raspier, filling out the low end of the mix. The rhythms in his verse really take center stage–rife with triplets, syncopation, and a locked-in pocket. Clover also adds a splash of playful imagery to the lyrical content, furthering the feel-good atmosphere of the song.

Be sure to stream “Marathon” if you’re a fan of chill, tasteful R&B! It’ll doubtlessly be a great addition to your summer playlist.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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