“Grace” by Cynthia Angelica

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“Am I gonna make it?”

Well, if that isn’t a question we’ve all asked ourselves in recent years at least three times a day, I’m not sure what is. Taking that question and singing circles around it, “Grace” from Cynthia Angelica perfectly captures the ominous feeling of living in a world where every day is a whirlwind of turmoil and spinning it into something that can offer a bit more solace than the current state of reality.

When “Grace” starts, you’re instantly swept away. If you are a fan of the theater, then you will instantly fall for the Broadway-like drama Cynthia Angelica creates within seconds of kicking things off. Her sentiments start with a baseline of the emotions felt when the world around them feels less than stellar, but as she continues to stack layers of wonderfully, things take a turn. We get this sense of strength found in the imagery of making it through one fire after another and coming out the other end stronger. 

Speaking of strength, it is no wonder “Grace” packs a punch lyrically as Cynthia Angelica spent many years ghostwriting both in the educational realm as well as in her local music scene. Growing up in the church, gospel was an introduction to the power of music and as she got older, it became her outlet of creativity. After some time penning for others, she started to switch gears and focus on her own music. “Grace” is the lead single off her debut album, ‘Fears and Dreams,’ which drops later this year.

To hear “Grace” and keep tabs on more to come – make sure to check out Cynthia Angelica on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran




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