‘Hollow’ by Harpa

Some songs are more than just sound and music. Some are made from and deliver pure emotion into the ears of whoever’s listening. That’s the kind of music rising artist Harpa creates, and with two singles under her belt, her pure sense for putting emotion into sound is apparent. Her music is crafted in a creative way, and so far she’s explored deep themes such as the pain that comes from love. Harpa’s sophomore single ‘Hollow’ does an amazing job at displaying her phenomenal musical craftsmanship.

‘Hollow’ fills its opening with a smooth and ethereal guitar line, Harpa cutting in with soft and well-controlled vocals. Eventually, darker piano chords start to slowly raise, the energy of the sound bumping itself up as it moves along. After this, Harpa cuts in with a belting tone delivered with an abundance of power, and more rock influences start to shine through. Eventually, the acoustic basis evolves through the use of electric musicianship. There’s so much emotion charged into every aspect of this track, and the vocals show that it comes from a place of real feelings.

‘Hollow’ explores the idea of loving with your ‘whole heart.’ It delves into the idea of being caught in a cyclical roundabout of falling in love, just to be hurt once again. It’s a deeply emotional call, one to not feel everything so strongly. Not because love is a bad thing, but because there’s so much emotion tied to it, and a lot of the time heartbreak seems inevitable. With the emotion delivered in the musicianship, this is a track that’s sure to make you understand the very real feelings behind it. ‘Hollow’ is one of those songs that you don’t just listen to. You feel it and experience it deeply.

Harpa is a Nottingham, UK-based singer/songwriter who made her debut in 2021 with the single, ‘I’ve Been in Love Before.’ She’s currently signed to DooBeDoo Music Ltd and is focused on honing and growing her musical skills. ‘Hollow’ serves as a wonderful sophomore release, and it’s sure to continue building excitement for her upcoming EP. Give ‘Hollow’ some love today, and maybe you’ll find yourself waiting on Harpa’s upcoming works!

Written by Sage Plapp





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