“Boots” by Allee ft Pom Poms & Liv Slingerland

Coming from Los Angeles, CA is writer, musician and producer Allee, who has just released their first single “Boots”. With the help of writer PomPoms, drummer Jake Reed, Ryan Gilligan as the mixer and Joe La Porta as master. “Boots” also feature rock goddess Liv Slingerland as the guitarist.

Summer anthems can sometimes be hard to come across, but when you find it you’ll get that in instant dance feeling. “Boots” is the upbeat, sassy yet dark in it’s own way kind of song, it’s about vanity and being too in love with yourself. You can’t help but to love when a song is catchy and has a great message behind it.

The combination of all these musicians has produced a song that will surely become an anthem amongst many of you. It’s a song that is fun but will also make you look within yourself, but without a doubt it’s the song to get the party started.

You can only imagine being at the pool with your friends, drinks in hand with “Boots” playing in the background. Allee is an artist that will soon become a favorite of yours, if this is how she’s starting out it makes you wonder what else she has in store.

Summer is close to an end but doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy this song year round. “Boots” is a hit track from an artist that clearly knows what they’re doing. Play “Boots” on repeat while you wait for Allee’s next release.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits: Lauren Desberg & Emma Cole




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