“Sweater” by Kevian Kraemer

“Sweater” by Asbury Park, New Jersey based dream pop artist Kevian Kraemer mixes together bedroom beats and lo-fi elements with surfy guitar to create a beachy, summery sound fitting for its July 1st release. 

The song is a classic breakup anthem and not-so love story, depicting the narrator slowly realizing the object of his affection is more enthralled with a guy from her past. The narrator realizes he can never be someone else, and since the girl isn’t ready to move on, it’s time for him to close the book on their love story. Kraemer says that he wrote this track “about a time when he started to realize he wasn’t someone’s priority.” 

Kraemer’s lyrics mix together elements of cathartic bitterness with optimism for the future, with lines like, “Last night sucked but tomorrow will be better / And I still get drunk from the perfume on your sweater.” The optimism in the lyrics isn’t merely self-serving—Kraemer wrote the song to help “someone snap out of being a second option, so they can move on and be happier with themselves.” 

The upbeat optimistic elements of the lyrics mesh well with the poppy sonic elements of the track, while the more bitter qualities of the lyrics contrast. The song begins with a sweet, almost lullabye-esque guitar riff that quickly turns into catchy, surfy guitar. Mellowly sung lyrics quickly turn to a cathartic shout of the chorus, and back again. 

We thoroughly dig this release from Kevian Kraemer, and we’re eager to hear what he has to share in the future! 





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