“Don’t Tell Me” by Postcard

There’s something to admire about solo artists, when someone is dedicated enough to do everything on their own it shows passion. Haiden Gerstner is the man behind Postcard, he plays guitar, bass, drums and is also the vocalist. “Don’t Tell Me” is the first release from the artist which was recorded by him at his home in Rochester, New York.

A first song says a lot about an artist, “Don’t Tell Me” is a song that makes you want to be outdoors with friends, at the pool or the beach, with a drink in hand or maybe playing volleyball. It’s the kind of song that will bring a smile to your face when you hear it.

After the first listen, you’ll be hooked and have it on repeat, it’s then you’ll notice the darkness behind the lyrics. “Don’t Tell Me” is about being far away from someone who seems like they don’t care. If you know that feel then you’ll relate to the song even more.

Postcard has made his introduction and it’s a great meeting, “Don’t Tell Me” is a song that everyone can and will enjoy. It has an upbeat tone which will make you dance yet brooding lyrics which will make you think. Postcard is sure to release another hit song, keep an eye out and blast “Don’t Tell Me”.

Written by Jaye Maverick



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