“In The Night” by Broke Casino

“In The Night” by Broke Casino adheres to the formula for a perfect, satisfying, infectious indie rock song. There’s nothing like the combination of a catchy bass line, a funky rhythm guitar, and a suave, entrancing vocalist. With a mix this tight and a melody this strong, there’s no denying the genius of “In The Night.”

The song starts off with a bit of white noise, mostly consisting of a few tinny, covered voices. Suddenly, the verse kicks in with full instrumentation. The singer cries, “Lady, where’s your love gone?” as the guitar thrums some grooving ghost notes. The bass line mimics the melody to a gratifying effect and the drums fill out the high end with some hi-hat trills. The vocals are often doubled by a higher octave, making this mix sound impossibly full– listening to this song with headphones is a nearly transcendent experience.

The chorus brings a more open sound, with longer, held-out notes and an undeniable catchiness. Cymbals crash in the background while the singer delivers a powerful, masterful performance. The chord progression evolves into something a little darker than the verse, allowing for the perfect amount of change without affecting the groove too much.

If you love tightly produced indie rock, this is the song for you. It’s got the style and vocals of a heavier The 1975 song. Be sure to not only stream “In The Night,” but check out Broke Casino’s other work! There’s a whole slew of singles and EPs to explore if you enjoyed this track.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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