“Next” by Izamanya

Iza Loosli, the unique voice behind Izamanya and also puts the IZA in Izamanya. She is the lead singer, contributes to songwriting, and helps produce tracks. She has the help of guitarist Remo Cadalbert, Peter Haas on drums and Many Maurer, he plays the bass and guitar. Many also has numerous roles in the band, he is the MANY of izaMANYa, he is also a songwriter and producer and he does engineering as well. The Swiss band is a group of many talents, these are being showcased with their first EP release since 2017.

“Next” immediately hits you hard with the heavy guitar riffs and hardcore drums, “Back to Life” will revive you. Izamanya may have been gone for a few years but they haven’t missed a step, the mosh pit worthy song is just the first song of four on this EP, what else do they have in store for you.

Grit, stank face, hair whipping, beer drinking, shots, those are just a few words and actions that come to mind when you hear “I Still Believe”. The classic rock sound is infused with some heavy metal and has a Izamanya spin to it, Iza has vocals that will entice you throughout. The deepness yet softness of her voice is what makes every song golden.

This does not falter during all of “Next”, her vocals in “Speed” brings you an authentic sound that you can’t get enough of. Amidst the song is a guitar solo that’ll make your nose bleed, it’s epic and in addition to that there’s a breakdown right before it speeds up again, grab your friends because it’s about to be a wild minute.

After you get wild, it is nice to chill out for a bit, you’ll get that chance in “Beam Me Over”. This slow, almost acoustic like song gives you a chance to catch your breath and relax your mind. Slowing down a song shows that Iza has more range that you probably imagined, “Beam Me Over” was the perfect way to end “Next”.

Izamanya has shown that you don’t need to release music every month to be an amazing artist, the passion of the group shows in “Next”.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits: Weyermann; Asslani; izamanya




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