“Lorelai” by Belle & The Vertigo Waves

There’s no place like home..when you think of Kansas City you possibly think of Dorothy or maybe the Kansas City Chiefs. Well now you will think of someone or someone(s) entirely new, Bella & The Vertigo Waves, this five piece band is giving you exactly what you’ve been missing. This 80s alt rock/ 90s heavy metal group consists of vocalist Bella Loux, she is joined by guitarists John Loux and Zach Nielsen, bassist Jeremiah Scott and drummer Elliott Holt complete the group.

“Lorelai” is the first album release from Bella and The Vertigo Waves since 2017, they teased you with two singles “Stand Down” and “Until You’re Better”. With the release of the album finally happening, “Lorelai” is taking off in fast and unique ways.

One of these unique way is by speaking on difficult topics and one of these topics being losing someone you love/care about. “Until You’re Better” and self titled track “Lorelai” were written about the loss of Belle’s best friend a few years ago, she speaks on the trauma that was sustained during that time and the current emotions.

“Lorelai” is slow, dark, melodic…it brings you in with the emotions that it provides. It’s somberness is something that you need in your life, it helps you release the heavy emotions you’ve been holding onto. That continues into “Until You’re Better”, you can feel the pain in Belle’s voice, it weighs heavy on you and if you’ve been in that position that song will hit you harder.

The album speaks on the triggers that a trauma like this can cause, when artists makes music that you can feel in you soul. Lyrically and emotionally they speak to you in many ways, “Love in Remission” is a grunge track that anyone can relate to, Belle sucks you in with vocals that don’t quit.

“Lorelai” comes to a soft, slow, sweet ending with “Partings”, the 2 minute track leaves you with your own thoughts in your brain. It lets you marinate on what you just listened to, Belle & The Vertigo Waves have given you a thoughtful and therapeutic album.

Bella & The Vertigo Waves are keeping Kansas City on the map, they are a force to be reckoned with. This album is showing you more of who they are, a raw emotional side of them. This will boost them to the top of your favorites list, and “Lorelai” will be an album that you keep on repeat.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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