“A Love, Tantalize” by TerraTara

Days turned into months, and eventually, a year had passed since some had seen their loved ones in person. For some, an eventual two years apart became a dismal reality. Those instances crept back into my mind listening to “A Love, Tantalize,” the latest from TerraTara as the tale of space between love came into play. 

While I am not sure what kept the pair at the center of “A Love, Tantalize” from one another, I can tell that the love was not lost. When the song starts, we are introduced to this worldly sound. Elements that take me to the Southwest but also the Caribbean interlace and transport me away from the wooded area of my reality. As for the emotive nature of “A Love, Tantalize,” it lies within the lyrics as TerraTara strays away from those over-the-top vocal performances likened to artists such as Mariah and Whitney, but rather allows the words to do the heavy lifting. I mean, being overcome by someone so much that tears are the response? That is poetic in every way. 

That approach to lyricism is usually guided by experience and TerraTara is not short on that. She once traveled the world with a mandolin in hand, busking near and far. That inspired not only her 2010 record, ‘Mahzu,’ but also her string of recent releases including “Waiting on the Rain.” To hear all of the above and more, make sure to check out TerraTara on all major music and streaming platforms today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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