“El Peyote” by El Peyote

Debut artist El Peyote is officially on the scene, this one man band has created what he calls layers of fire breathing guitar riffs and deep psychedelic grooves, this will take you to another dimension. Joe Yapp has spent a numerous amount of years travelling the world and grabbing inspiration from the Outback and the Sonoran Desert. He used this to influence this album, Joe plays lead and rhythm guitar, bass and drums.

“El Peyote” was recorded in “The Shred Shack” on a farm in Dorset South England, then mixed and mastered by Domenic Maggi at Caldwell House Studios USA.

Are you ready to take off and step foot onto another world? “El Peyote” will take you there, there’s no worries of being sober because this EP provides a natural high. The self titled EP is going to open your mind and expand you to infinite galaxies, think of El Peyote as your spiritual guru.

El Peyote said that being on a farm was a difficult place to record music and he had to retake several times because of cows mooing or tractors driving by. Now it does sound quite annoying but if you remixed a cow moo it could change your perspective on things.

As you’re getting further into the EP you’re realizing that he did come here to mess around, he came to provide music that will get you out of your head. This twenty minutes will go by quickly and you’ll be left distraught when it ends, the only solution is to repeat, repeat, repeat.

His epic guitar solos are what will bring you back for more, Joe knew exactly what to play to bring you in. It’s amazing to see how an artists brain works and it is nice to peek inside El Peyote’s mind.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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