“God only knows” by Fynyx Nation

For most of us, the times we’re living in are the most uncertain times of our lives. During the worst of the pandemic we didn’t know how things would turn out— in our personal lives and on a societal scale. Even now, it seems like the “post-pandemic world” is ever on the horizon. “God only knows where we’re going,” Fynyx Nation reminds us in his new single.

Fynyx Nation is the stage name of Vancouver based artist Adrian Esset. Born in Nigeria but having grown up in Canada, Fynyx Nation has the life experiences to produce music with global influences. 

Fynyx also grew up playing music in school in various groups, and taught himself piano in his youth. Certainly, this natural and early propensity for music is evident in his work. “God Only Knows” is a super energetic and upbeat track with a pounding beat and strong vocals. It opens with an immediately catchy rhythm and grows into a full blown 80’s sounding synth-pop anthem. It’s dance-able and sounds celebratory— though the lyrics themselves are not necessary cheerful. This, perhaps, is the most compelling aspect of the track. “God Only Knows” reminds us that we don’t know where we’re going. And maybe it’s about time we start accepting this fate, and realizing that it may not be all that bad. 

Fynyx Nation has played in former bands Habit of You and Al Vertigo, and has performed all around the Vancouver area. This new single is off his upcoming EP The ColdRoom, which will be released this fall.

Written by Maya Merberg





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