“Last Call” by Dominick Seven

Guaranteed, you have not heard a musician with such a distinct sound quite like Dominick Seven. His latest single, “Last Call,” is a jazzy, soulful tune that has elements of hip-hop and funk. Although the track has a bit of a nostalgic vibe to it with the jazz-like instrumental, there is nothing dated about “Last Call” at all; it has such an uplifting and fun energy to it that is much needed in 2022.

“Last Call” gives off such a sultry atmosphere that will make you want to slow dance with that special someone. Aside from the magnetic energy that “Last Call” gives, the story behind Dominick Seven and his music are just as interesting. As mentioned prior, “Last Call” features a hot pot of genres, and there is a reason for that. The artist behind Dominick Seven has an entire world created for his music and story. 

Dominick is a character, a MECA robot pilot in specific, who lives in a future post-apocalyptic planet called “Cyberpunk World.” After getting his hands on a time-travel device, he has been going to different decades and making music along the way, which is why the music he creates has a little sprinkle of each decade. The type of energy that Dominick goes through to create a story and world for himself and his fans makes the music that more special.

The hard work and dedication put into creating “Last Call” shines through in the impeccable production and lyricism provided. All instrumental songs are made by those involved in Dominick Seven, while the vocals and melodies are a collaboration with the various singers that are a part of it. Songs are mixed by Ken Lewis (Mark Ronson) and mastered by Brian Gardner “Big Bass” (Dr. Dre). “Last Call” is available now on all music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano






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