“Surrender” by Zach Churchill

Coming from a family riddled with additions that range from the typical to the kind that’ll leave you financially crippled, “Surrender” by Zach Churchill is an all too familiar sentiment. Thinking of my loved ones as I played it on repeat, I couldn’t help but feel their pain and hope for better days every time I went in for another listen of the lead single from his October 2022 release, ‘Greater Than.’

Zach Churchill’s vocals reminded me of Matt Bellamy of Muse in the way he’s able to captivate with this earnest take on rock. As for what he does lyrically, Churchill is a poet as he makes his way through the reality that is addiction. Those moments where giving in because one doesn’t want to feel an all too familiar point of view. Especially in the here and now when waking up to a constant chaotic reality that is often too much to witness. It’s easy to take this song as one of lost ambition as it often felt like that was the direction it was heading for me, but alas, there was this poignant moment that offered the silver lining many hold onto, “This pain it can heal / You can change if you want to.” 

“Surrender” is the first single from Zach Churchill’s upcoming release. An honest, inside look at what he’s about. It’s clear that he’s setting the bar and choosing to be truthful in his craft. So expect that and more as a couple of more singles are expected to tantalize before ‘Greater Than’ drops on October 28, 2022. To hear more from Zach Churchill, and to keep tabs on new releases, make sure to check him out on all major music and streaming platforms today.

Written by Kendra Beltran




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