‘All Monsters Are Human’ by Michelah Desnai

Human beings are wonderful and diverse, but we can also be the most monstrous creatures around. None of us feel our best at all times, and sometimes it’s easy to get caught up feeling inhuman. But, we still need love, and we still need meaningful connections. It doesn’t matter what we’re feeling. ‘All Monsters Are Human’ by Michelah Desnai seems to be an exploration of the longing for love while feeling absolutely broken and not like yourself. It’s a lyrical deep-cut with a range of influences entwined in the music.

The chill instrumentation in ‘All Monsters Are Human’ serves as the perfect backing for Michelah’s wondrous vocals. The percussion in this track is snappy yet reserved, and the bass fills it up with gorgeous darker tones. The synths do a great job at pulling you into this single’s atmosphere and pushing you straight into its full sound. Michelah has a lot of emotion behind her voice with an entrancing alto sound. She does a great job dashing in riffs and belts to steal the spotlight with her dynamics.

‘All Monsters Are Human’ seems to explore the idea of seeking love while feeling inhuman. It sounds less like a breakup song, and more a song of longing. As the catchy chorus resounds, “Love is poisonous / Feel my curse in your touch / Wake me up with your lips / Take my demons in your kiss.” This track explores a feeling of self-brokenness that seems unfixable while wanting someone to love and meet you where you’re at. Even when it feels like things may never get better.

Michelah Desnai is a truly international artist with deep-cut pop R&B music that has a jazzy basis. She currently lives in Glasgow, Scotland, however, her sound was developed while living in Paris where she moved to from Virginia. Even this one single was made in different parts of the world. Recording was done in Jenjou, South Korea, and production was done in Los Angeles, California. Michelah takes tons of influences from strong female leads such as Janis Joplin and Stevie Nicks, and she has a way of crafting music that’s easy to listen to with deep lyricism and interesting musicianship. Listen to ‘All Monsters Are Human’ today to get a taste of this sound.

Written by Sage Plapp





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