‘Summer in the Morning’ by Rob Lea

We’re in the deep of Summer. Have you been taking time to soak up some rays? Rob Lea sure has. This can be heard in his latest single ‘Summer in the Morning.’ This track is beautiful, and it has the perfect summer vibes. It would fit on any summertime playlist and will never fail to lift your spirits.

‘Summer in the Morning’ has a sound that’s lighthearted, warming, and passionate. There’s something so fun about the happy vibes it portrays, and a nice instrumental bounce guides you along smoothly. The title of this song describes its joyful tone perfectly. It feels like going out on a summer morning, the warm rays kissing your face as the world gets ready for the day ahead. Rob Lea pulls out some diversely dynamic vocals in this one, working with a soft higher tone and a pretty powerful belt. There’s a LOT of power behind this musician’s voice. ‘Summer in the Morning’ is gorgeous. It’s well-crafted. It’s lovely.

The lyrics behind ‘Summer in the Morning’ mixes the idea of love with the beauty of mornings in the summertime. It details a nostalgic reminiscence on a quick summer love through the happiness the summer brings. Just as the voice of the song waits for Summer mornings, they also wait to reconnect with this former love. The feelings of summer are used as a metaphor for the warmth and happiness this love brings. This is a great poetic take that creates only the nicest vibes.

Rob Lea has a wonderful tale of growing into musicianhood. Rob started performing at a young age, working with music teachers to pick up numerous instruments. He was once the lead player in the Blackpool orchestra and also played violin, drums, piano, and guitar. He moved forward to play in a Queen cover band and was signed onto a 5-year booking deal in the US. But, then everything stopped. Rob was thrown into a place of just trying to make ends meet and couldn’t perform due to the pandemic. This is something that hit live musicians hard, when all of a sudden, there isn’t a market for what they’re doing. Rob started creating original music during this time. Now, in 2022, he’s ready to share that music with the world. ‘Summer in the Morning’ is a wonderful sophomore release, and it does a great job at contrasting the somber and emotional ‘Reflection.’

Written by Sage Plapp

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