“Don’t this and Don’t that” by NOVA

If you’re a fan of British alternative rock and looking for new music, NOVA might just be your new favorite group. The Brighton-based group released their newest EP Don’t this and Don’t that in June of this year, and it has all the passion and energy you’d find in alternative rock’s biggest groups.

NOVA is made up of four members with Dylan on vocals, Theo on guitar, Louie on bass and Ernie on drums. Dylan and Ernie began making music together in their early college days and eventually brought along the other two members for a proper rehearsal. The rest is history.

Don’t this and Don’t that has a raw sound that NOVA believes is missing from current music. The clever title alludes to the names of the two tracks, “Don’t I Know” and “Don’t Forget” that share an influence from older band Rolling Stones and more modern band The Strokes. Not only is there a rawness to their sound but a deep meaning and honesty to their lyrics as well. The band says that both songs can be left up to interpretation but “Don’t I Know” deals with the struggles of not knowing enough about those closest to you and “Don’t Forget” talks about getting swept off your feet and avoiding earthly problems.

Dylan says the band is “full of energy and not taking their youth for granted” and this is very evident in their sound. NOVA’s newest EP is filled with electricity and an eagerness to be heard that can only be found in an up-and-coming rock band.

Reviewed by Gabriela Huselton




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