“Talk To Me” by Lakshay Goyal

Lakshay Goyal released his latest single “Talk To Me” in July and it has all the material to be your new summer anthem. The sultry lyrics and uplifting beat are made for a night on the dance floor.

The Florida-based musician’s latest single was inspired by the idea of an outdoor dance club on the beach and the tension that builds when a couple spends a long time apart. Some of Goyal’s main influences include Bryce Vine, Drake, WizKid and KidQuill which explain his sensual lyrics and smooth sound that are sure to get his listeners moving.

The song begins with an inviting, female voice saying:


I haven’t seen you in a while

Come find me tonight”

The intro takes the listener on a journey. The narrator addresses the woman for the rest of the song, asking her to dance and talk with him. The chorus is incredibly catchy. It repeats the lines:

“Talk to me girl

I’ve been waiting a long time to see you

Talk to me girl

I’ve been waiting a long time to feel you

Talk to me girl

Oh, talk to me girl

Look at me and show me what you’ve got for me girl

When I see you let the top drop for me girl

Spending money driving drop tops”

Goyal began making music that was a cross-cultural mashup of Hindi and English music but has now transitioned into the afrobeat/pop genre. Goyal’s latest infectious sound is the perfect combination of his South Asian heritage and American pop. “Talk To Me” paired with a drink and a dancing partner is the soundtrack for a great night.

Reviewed by Gabriela Huselton





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