“spinnin” by i, sosa

There’s something truly special about being a part of someone’s musical journey from the beginning. Brooklyn, New York native i, sosa shows off his distinct sound with his first release to date, “spinnin”, a silky-smooth pop song with elements of soul and r&b. What stands out from the song is i, sosa’s remarkable voice, comprised of powerful yet soft vocals, subtly showing off his range without overpowering the captivating instrumental. It’s incredible that “spinnin” is i, sosa’s first release, as his unique sound feels so cemented in his artistic identity already. 

“spinnin” begins with an enthralling melody, sounding like the beginning of an 80s movie. The instrumental alone gives “spinnin” a dream pop feel right away, and the catchy melody feels warm and welcoming. As the keyboard arrives, “spinnin” really begins to pick up the pace. Once i, sosa’s vocals come, the instrumental takes a back seat, but is still just as charming. i, sosa’s compelling vocals bring an r&b element to the track, which creates a calming atmosphere for the listener. “spinnin” is what one calls an “easy listening” song, as it is easy on the ears. Almost anyone will enjoy listening to it, no matter their genre preference. 

After listening to i, sosa’s voice, one can tell he is likely trained in one way or another. Music has been a part of i, sosa’s life since he was a child; he claims he’s been humming pretty much his whole life! Growing up in a music-loving family, it makes sense that he would love it as well. Still, he took his talents to the next level, going to the prestigious university Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There, he joined the acapella group Treblemakers and stays in touch with them to this day. In fact, four members from Treblemakers are co-writers on “spinnin.” 

Be a part of i, sosa’s journey as an artist, and take a listen to “spinnin”, available on most music streaming platforms.

Photo credits: Adaze Orobator

Written by Melissa Cusano





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