“When In Rome” by Chip Pirrs

With 2022’s ‘A.S.M.R’ Chip Pirrs wanted to take chances and did. Diving into an experimental vat of sound he emerged with a dozen tracks that pushed him in the exact direction he wanted. Well, wasting very little time – he’s already back with more new music, “When In Rome.” It’s the lead single from his upcoming EP, ‘Places I’ve Left Myself,’ and notes that he wanted to go even further down that experimental rabbit hole, and from what we’ve heard – that’s what he’s done, and then some. 

“When In Rome” has a few layered elements coming together in a way that you don’t hear too often. Chip Pirrs blends a lot of styles and composes in a way that makes his latest single feel like a gumbo of sound; with lots of flavors coming together to make one delightful dish. The track kicks off with this robotic, almost intergalactic, delivery. Towards the end, you get this hip hop meets club music, but in between the beginning and the end is that alternative pop hook. Those lines that’ll dig themselves into the ears of all who hear; “I was in Rome doing what the Romans do…” 

This is definitely a song you’d hear late at night, pushed up against other night owls. It’s for those who like their music with movement but also for those who consider themselves audiophiles. The latter would relish in picking this unique composition apart. All the while enjoying its distinct ways. “When In Rome” is out now, but to hear more from Chip Pirrs make sure to check him out on all major music and streaming sites today. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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