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“Don’t Wake Me Up” by Evan Wize

Evan Wize’s “Don’t Wake Me Up” dropped on July 29, 2022. The track is full of beautiful, strong vocals and a catchy guitar riff that calls for easy listening. Wize wrote and performed “Don’t Wake Me Up” while Josh Lerner produced it.

“Don’t Wake Me Up” opens with a catchy, upbeat guitar strum before slowing down to match Evan Wize’s vocals. He sings “I remember late nights and long talks. We said that we would move out to LA. Well here we are like 5 years later, and I have yet to board that plane” with a few soft strums of the guitar, but nothing else making the song really a testament to the vocals–smooth, strong, and easy to listen to. “Don’t Wake Me Up” is perfect for that morning-to-work drive.

“Don’t Wake Me Up” is the first of many songs set to drop from Wize leading up to the release of his first full length album. 

Evan Wize began writing and performing as a teenager. He first made waves in the music world with the band Your Way Out, getting air time on local and college radio stations. Evan Wize’s “Silver Lining” landed at the #4 spot on Spotify’s United States Viral 50 chart back in 2016. From that recognition came performing alongside the likes of Lupe Fiasco, Electric Guest, Rozes, and others in the Philadelphia area. To stay in the know, follow him on his socials linked below and add his music to your favorite playlist.

Written by Dana L. Sullivan





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