‘Nothing’s Gonna Get You Back’ by Bel-la

Bel-la gets real with her latest track ‘Nothing’s Gonna Get You Back.’ This track serves as a striking dreamy indie deep-cut exploring loss and emptiness. The lyricism pulls at your heartstrings while the somber sound captures pure emotion. This is a great track that portrays very real and relatable feelings.

The percussive intro of ‘Nothing’s Gonna Get You Back’ does a great job at setting the tone of the track. It’s cut in nicely by a unique synthy string tone and bass, and then the full sound of the track kicks in. This is a great buildup and hit that won’t fail to turn your head. There’s something lovingly soft and dreamy about this single. The soft vocals are loaded with emotion, and the instrumentation complements this emotion in a great way. This isn’t even to mention the color and life that the electric guitar solo brings to the table. This is a great new release, and it has an extremely somber atmosphere.

‘Nothing’s Gonna Get You Back’ does a great job at detailing the idea of loss and the subsequent emptiness that comes after. Losing someone in your life is life-changing (in a huge way). There’s such a big part of your life that some people fill, and when they’re gone you have to say “Nothing’s gonna take your place for a while.” It seems like people we have lost are everywhere, and they potently linger in the pictures and reminders life throws our way. This track is relatable and beautiful in the realistic way it tackles loss.

Bel-la is a Los Angeles-based artist creating ethereal indie-rock music under Bluroc records. She spent many of her younger years studying both modern and classical guitar, and she then meshed those skills with her love of the indie rock sound. This artist has formed and joined numerous bands which has evolved into the music she’s making today. She has been played on TV, though ‘Nothing’s Gonna Get You Back’ is her debut single release. And a great one at that! 

Written by Sage Plapp




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