‘Self Love’ by Trav B Ryan ft. Rxdeboy

The world has been a struggle for many of us as of late. This is why it’s more important than ever to focus on self-care and self-love. Trav B Ryan calls you to love yourself in his latest track featuring Rxdeboy, ‘Self Love.’ Trav has been making a splash because of his deep and emotional lyricism, and this track is no outlier. It has an important concept that seems to be missed a lot in recent music and media, but this artist hits the nail right on the head.

‘Self Love’ is a great hip-hop track with an incredible catchiness in its chorus. This single has a great sense of energy control and refuses to be one note. The instrumentation and percussion create a steady beat, and the background vocals fit into the atmosphere cleanly. The primary vocals are dynamic throughout, mixing powerful singing and rap bars to add an overall sense of life to the track.

The lyricism in ‘Self Love’ is very important. It’s about loving yourself and putting yourself first. Sometimes it feels like you need someone else in life to fix you and love you. But that’s not the most important thing. It’s even more important to love and accept yourself, even when it’s hard. This sounds like a love song, and there’s a bit of a sensuality intertwined. But, those powerful loving feelings are a means of displaying the power behind loving yourself.

Trav B Ryan is a Brooklyn-based hip-hop artist known for his music exploring pop culture. What’s better is that he can find a balance between culture-based music and deep cuts with a lot of emotional meaning. The way Trav’s music deals with these different kinds of topics makes his music human. It meshes the ideas of personal interest with the deep emotionality of human nature. Trav has pulled in hundreds of thousands of listeners and has been featured on Grunge Cake and Comicbook.com. He has also appeared on MSNBC’s ‘The Beat with Ari Melber.’ Trav B Ryan is a rapidly rising artist, and he really knows how to weave stories out of pretty much anything.

Written by Sage Plapp



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