‘Crazy Stupid Love’ by Local Boy

Life may seem crazy and stupid, but we have to find some way to love it. We live in a time where many places are rampant with struggling economies that provide for the top and overlook everyone else. A lot of us are finding ourselves in a place of learning how to make things work in an economy that doesn’t have our best interest at heart. This is why we need to come together in love and do what we can to make the world comfortable for ourselves and others. This is explored in musician Local Boy’s latest track ‘Crazy Stupid Love.’

‘Crazy Stupid Love’ is filled with a cheerful and joyful tone. The instrumentation is creative in its mixing of guitars, synths, and some brass. This all works together to create a feeling like the warmth and comfort of summer. The layered vocals fill up the atmosphere and build harmonies beautifully. This isn’t to mention the well-crafted catchy hook of the melody. This anthemic track is a little indie, a little hip-hop, and a little lo-fi. It’s a great jam to catch on this tail end of this Summer.

‘Crazy Stupid Love’ is described as “a singalong anthem celebrating kindness, friendship and solidarity in the face of economic uncertainty.” This hits home for people living in so many struggling places on Earth right now. Economic uncertainty builds fear and anger, and it instates fight or flight. It’s amazing that this artist tackles the idea in an optimistic way. Many of us are in fear of losing everything we’ve known, but Local Boy reminds us to come together and find comfort in the fact that we are all in this together. Even difficulties can be connective, and ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ does a great job at showing this.

Local Boy is a Dublin-based indie pop musician, producer, and engineer who makes sure to put care into every aspect of the music he creates. He’s sold out several shows in Dublin and London and has opened for several large artists such as Hobo Johnson and Easy Life. He has also been on a few of Spotify’s editorial playlists. It was this year, 2022, that he took up a serious publishing deal with Peermusic. Local Boy has already done so many amazing things with his music, but it looks like he’s just getting started.

Written by Sage Plapp





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