“Development & Compromise” by Chase Tremaine

Photo credit: Bert Ruyten

Chase Tremaine released his sophomore album Development & Compromise in November 2021 but feels the project deserves another chance in the limelight. The Nashville-based singer and one-man band spent over a decade of his life playing for other bands before deciding to venture out on his own. He released his debut album Unfall in 2020, a pop/rock-emo debut that drew inspiration from emo artists like Copeland, Mae and Thrice. Tremaine’s next album is titled Development & Compromise to represent the continuation and growth of his music. It still draws from punk sounds as well as prog and jazz inspirations.

D&C is a strong example of Tremaine’s determination. The album was intended to be an EP and was recorded on a tight budget with only five days to record. Tremaine managed to record eleven songs after only expecting to finish six. The early version of D&C was distributed in January of 2021, but Tremaine wasn’t satisfied. There were a handful of never-recorded songs that he believed fit perfectly into the album thematically. He returned to the studio with his producer Sean Power to record four more tracks and adjust once-finished songs by re-recording rushed vocals and improving the instrumentals. The result: an album that is sonically complex and that Tremaine can be proud of.

Fans that enjoyed Unfall can expect D&C to be better produced and stronger lyrically. Tremaine is determined to make his music available to everyone. He uploaded D&C to Bandcamp, a streaming service that allows you to download music for free or pay any amount you wish as a gift. If you’re the kind of person that describes your music taste as “a little bit of everything”, Tremaine is your new favorite artist.

Reviewed by Gabriela Huselton





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