“Party Alone” by ibbi Too Vicious

You would be remiss to say you’ve heard a song catchier than “Party Alone” by ibbi too Vicious. This track satisfies the pop formula to a tee–not in a perfunctory kind of way, but in a way that almost feels like eating comfort food. It’s just delicious. You don’t have to think too hard about why. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the absolute banger that is “Party Alone.”

Regardless, let’s dive into the inner workings of it. The production isn’t anything too experimental, yet it serves up some unique sounds. The main harmonic instrument is this plucked string synth that doesn’t resemble a violin or a guitar, but rather a harpsichord. It’s hard to pin down, but that’s what is so special about it. It injects the sound with something distinctive. The arc dynamically fits the form well, as the busyness of the instrumentation softens for the verses and intensifies for the choruses. This comes in handy, especially considering the verse and chorus melodies are quite similar.

Speaking of the melodies, the congruency between the verse and chorus is a common tool in pop music. Although they sound the same in a lot of ways, listeners love to hear a familiar melody–but elevated. In the verses, it’s reserved, chill, and groovy, while in the chorus, it becomes anthemic. Not to mention, it’s incredibly easy to sing along to.

“Party Alone” is straight-up infectious. It’s a perfect addition to any playlist, considering it’s pretty much suited for whatever scenario you could possibly have in mind. All that being said, don’t pass this one up.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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