“Hesitation” by Gemïny

If there is one song you listen to this week that is going to turn your mood around, it is “Hesitation” by Gemïny. Because in a world that continues to be a whirlwind, sometimes you just need to take a break, get up, and dance – and this song delivers the groove to get you to move. 

Gemïny gives the same vibes as The Weeknd with “Hesitation” in that you can hear the sort of ‘80s-inspired ways being interlaced over this romantic pop moment. It is a great song that delivers what the artist intended. This was to give you a song that famous pairs like Romeo and Juliet would have claimed as “their song,” but also does not ignore the fact that music is meant to invoke a sense of joy. That uplifting spirit in the composition is apparent and if you fail to move where you sit or stand while “Hesitation” is on, it is time to check your pulse. 

Fans of the aforementioned “Save Your Tears” singer as well as those who loved the direction Paramore took with ‘After Laughter’ will want to make sure to take note of Gemïny and his latest, “Hesitation” as the vibrancy of his take on pop with a little extra tossed in the mix is must-hear material. It is his third single of this year, following the funky “Too Close” and the heartfelt “Avalanche.” To hear all of the above, make sure to check out Gemïny on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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