“Lonely” by TAMS/N OTWAY

Photo credit: Tamsin Otway and Ryan Wheatley

“Lonely” by TAMS/N OTWAY has a synth-pop beat and catchy chorus that you’ll find yourself singing all day long. The Melbourne, Australia-based artist says goodbye to toxic people and relationships in this early-2010’s pop-inspired single.

OTWAY began making music as a solo artist in 2019 and is inspired by modern female artists Lana Del Rey, Haim and Taylor Swift. She recently had her music played on the Australian talk show The Project and was interviewed by Melbourne-based magazine, BEAT Magazine. They wrote, “Fearless and unapologetically herself, Melbourne singer-songwriter TAMS/N OTWAY is a rare talent, carving her place within the industry with her unique alt-pop sound is dark, haunting and beautifully bold with an electricity that is palpable and raw”.

The indie/alt-pop singer is brave and unafraid to leave behind toxic situations in her newest single. Co-produced by Tobias Priddle, it begins with a synth-beat resemblant to early Lorde and opens into the chorus.

Don’t you call me when you’re lonely

I don’t want you honey

I’m so glad you’re gone

It’s a powerful breakup anthem and will feel relatable to anybody who has finally broken free from a relationship that just wasn’t meant to be.

The post-chorus creates a vivid scene in the listener’s mind. I can imagine the protagonist yelling these words as she storms out the front door.

Don’t tell me that you need me

Don’t you say you love me completely

Get your shoes on, pack your sh*t up

We were never back on

Don’t you tell me that you’re sorry

Can’t you see that I’m in a hurry

This is goodbye, for the last time,

Now I need to move on

It’s refreshing to hear a breakup song where the protagonist isn’t afraid to fight back. “Lonely” proves that sometimes running away and giving up is the brave thing to do.

Reviewed by Gabriela Huselton





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