“Your Eyes Are Ice” by Clare Easdown

“Your Eyes Are Ice” by Clare Easdown might leave you feeling uneasy, troubled, or even a little creeped out–but that’s the point. The whispered icy vocals, dark pop production, and minor chord structure come together to construct this artistically spine-chilling experience. Clare Easdown’s performance will satisfy your desire for slow, grimy, mysterious pop music.

The song starts with the hook, sung by a breathy voice over an ethereal synth and guitar. The drums kick in with a swarm of buzzing kicks, quickfire hi-hats, and crisp snares. At times, the drums fill out sixteenth notes and at others they fire syncopated triplets. Background vocals and pitched samples float behind the beat, acting as flourishes and sparks of interest. 

This particular genre of pop music doesn’t parade around any huge dynamic changes or instrumental additions. It stays trance-like the whole time. So, it’s a perfect niche for certain bars, nightclubs, and parties–but it also is perfect for when you’re alone. This is the kind of song to which you can turn off your brain and just drive, or leave on while you’re getting ready for a night out. It’ll make you feel cool, effortless, and maybe even a bit reckless. 

If you like what you hear, be sure to check out Clare Easdown’s other releases! There’s a lot more where that came from. This Australian pop artist knows no boundaries with her production style, artistry, and image. Give her a listen, a follow, a few likes, and before you know it you’ll consider yourself a fan. 

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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