“NO TAKE BACKS” by Wotts

Photo credit: Eric Dolan

Summer is coming to an end, and we need all the warm, positive vibes we can get. “NO TAKE BACKS” by Wotts will keep you singing and dancing as we leave behind the beach and embrace sweater weather.

The Ottawa, Canada duo is made up of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Jayem and bassist/guitarist Ricky 100. They have performed at several well-known music events including RBC Bluesfest, Canadian Music Week and Junofest.

Wotts has returned to its indie pop roots with “NO TAKE BACKS”, a “nostalgic pop” song inspired by contemporary artists Tame Impala and Dayglow. It’s a leap in the opposite direction from their previous release “Six-Shooter”, a laid-back, rock collaboration with The Desert Island Big Band. Jayem explains the new direction that WOTTS is heading in.

“I think that style is becoming our goal more and more. We love how artists like Tame Impala, M83 and Brothertiger can deliver something catchy, but also timeless.”

Although “NO TAKE BACKS” is categorized under the Pop genre, it borrows from psychedelic rock and electronic. It’s evident that WOTTS is unafraid to experiment with their sound and not take the music-making process too seriously. Ricky 100 says, “Indie Pop is our goal, but I think we’re having a lot of fun with exploring new sounds and really trying to build an atmosphere with our music.”

“NO TAKE BACKS” is produced by Jayem and encourages keeping negative forces out of your life. Ricky calls it “a statement to people that try to bring you down”. It’s fast-paced and enters directly into the chorus.

Well you wanted to see

Now you know it

And you want back

No, stop coming for me

It’s a song about finally doing what’s best for you and getting rid of toxic people. And the moment you let them go, they want back in. It’s relatable and catchy with an 80’s synth beat that’ll get you up and moving. Wotts is having a good time making music and they want their fans to have an even better time listening to it.

Reviewed by Gabriela Huselton





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