“Easy” by JM Ross will make your heart beat faster. If you’ve been bored by the songs you’re hearing recently–if you want to really feel something, this track is for you. This song takes a simple, catchy chorus melody and executes the most intense, gratifying build. By the end, you’ll be singing along at the top of your lungs.

It begins with some organ swells and a ¾ drum groove, so, you already know it’s about to be soulful. JM Ross comes in crooning, “Hold me tight,” as the band carries out some decadent hits, complete with tasteful metrical changes. The vocals ebb and flow and eventually repeat that very first line, this time peppered with runs and ad-libs.

The chorus welcomes the woefully repeated line: “You ain’t easy to love.” JM Ross delivers this line with such vigor and conviction, that the listener can feel it in their gut. The instruments all follow a simple groove, hitting each beat with a loud, legato openness that contrasts the tight verse. It gently settles as JM utters the last line, “But you do, / So I do / I do.” It’s concise. It’s powerful. It works so well.

Now, as this song progresses, it intensifies. A solo leads into a chorus, and that chorus leads into an outro–all the while a full choir of background vocals joins in on the melody. An electric guitar solos behind the indignant cries of, “It’s not fair, / It’s not right, / It’s not easy.” Suddenly, behind that vulnerable hook line, the guitar sweeps one last chord and the song is over.

If you’re looking to take yourself on an emotional rollercoaster, check this one out. JM Ross knows how to make you dance and cry all at once.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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