“Foxy Friends” by Peppermint Moon

“Foxy Friends” by Peppermint Moon is a laidback rock song that pairs excellently with a drink in your hand and your feet in the sand. With an old-school cowbell and a Beatles-esque guitar melody, you’ll find yourself humming the tune all day long.

Peppermint Moon is the project of the California native and longtime musician Colin Schlitt. He has written, performed and produced all of Peppermint Moon’s songs, resulting in music that is authentic and true to his talents. Before his solo project, Schlitt was a member of several bands and performed at many historic venues along the west coast. He was even offered a few record deals but instead decided to focus on writing and recording more music first.

When he’s not recording for Peppermint Moon, Schlitt is working as a teacher or singing/playing the bass with El Radio Fantastique, a pop band based out of Point Reyes Station, California. El Radio Fantastique is theatrical. Their sound is hard to pin down and their style is eclectic whereas Peppermint Moon feels simple and true to Schlitt’s tastes.

“Foxy Friends” is the latest example of his refreshing authenticity. The single discusses the negativity and lies circulating in the news and how it molds our minds. Schlitt calls it “the result of a week-long COVID quarantine, a Sex Pistols documentary and too much cable news.”

In watching him perform and hearing his latest songs, it’s clear that Schlitt is a musician first and a performer second. He is focused on building a portfolio and creating music that he can be proud of.

Reviewed by Gabriela Huselton





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