‘Beach Day’ by KellyMarie

KellyMarie is back at it again with another lovely single based on ‘The Office.’ You’d never believe how much a song based on a goofy comedy can hit you so hard, but there’s so much emotional depth in the lyricism. This new track is called ‘Beach Day’ and it’s beautifully crafted to create a somber atmosphere.

There’s something about ‘Beach Day’ that sounds, well, beachy. It has a quality to it that’s equally laid back and exciting. Some of the synths sound like drops in the water, which build into an oceanside atmosphere. This track just casts those summery rays upon you in a great way. There’s a sweet softness KellyMarie delivers vocally, and stereo effects are used to build upon the atmosphere. There are tons of dynamics all around, and different sounds and colors are introduced as the track moves along to keep things exciting.

The scene from ‘The Office’ this track is based on is a deep one. It’s from the episode ‘Beach Games,’ and there are a couple of spoilers ahead. This is the episode where Pam calls off her wedding with Jim, because he’d changed over the course of the relationship. This episode tells a gut-punching tale of change, growth, and falling out of love. And Beach Day captures this well. 

Beach Day is the fifth track on KellyMarie’s new album ‘IT IS MY ALBUM’ which dropped shortly after she performed at Dundercon. This new collection of songs creatively explores the stories and themes ‘The Office’ has to tell. In an interview on the album by the YouTube Channel Toned in Entertainment, Kelly Marie says “All of my heart is in it, hard work, passion.” And this shows through how caringly she crafts each track and adapts each story. 

Written by Sage Plapp




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