“Black Sky, White Moon” by Moses Mikheyev

Moses Mikheyev’s newest single “Black Sky, White Moon” captures the magical moment when one realizes they’ve fallen in love. The Los-Angeles based artist drew inspiration from a personal experience to create a ballad that is deeply honest with a rich, organic sound.

Mikheyev is a multi-instrumentalist and produces his music as a solo act, often collaborating with Brandon Zano of the rock band Zaano and Washington-based producer David Gavrishov. His main influences include notable bands Coldplay, The National and The Killers and he plans to begin touring in the summer/fall of 2023.

In his spare time, Mikheyev is also a science fiction novelist, and his interests leak into his music. “Black Sky, White Moon” has a mystical, natural sound that feels like something out of a Twilight movie. When asked about the meaning behind the newest single, Mikheyev said, “I wrote the song for a Spanish girl I fell in love with back in Seattle. We made out one night under a black sky, with only the stars shivering above us, and I felt like I could love her for a hundred years. I wrote the song to celebrate the magic of that moment.”

Mikheyev and his collaborators Zano and Gavrishov used tape machines and several different guitars to create the unique, thick sound in “Black Sky, White Moon”. The lyrics and instrumentals are alike in their authenticity and earthly influence. The second verse in particular captures the way love can feel animalistic and connect you to the elements.

I wait for you

Where fire meets ice

Body I love

Bone that I bite

Flesh of my flesh—and

Nothing compares to your smile

The verse continues to build in intensity to the point where Mikheyev is more speaking passionately than singing. You can feel how personal the story is through his delivery and the emotion behind the guitar. “Black Sky, White Moon” is a burning confession of love that will pull at listeners’ heartstrings.

Reviewed by Gabriela Huselton





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