“Wake Up” by band w/o band

Here you are back again reading another review about band w/o band, the solo artist is here to share his latest release “Wake Up”. The German artist, also known as Marc is a multi instrumentalist who pulls his inspirations from numerous genres. It’s apparent that Marc is doing everything right because in a matter of a month “Wake Up” has received over 17,000 streams on Spotify. Band w/o band is the perfect representation for Hamburg.

The grunge, harcore track will instantly grab your attention, “Wake Up” transports you to an industrial world. It’s almost as if you’ve woken up in Blade Runner and you’re fighting for your life. When wake up is screamed, you go to another world, the track takes you on this unexpected journey.

Before the song is even over, you’ll be screaming wake up! Are you going to continue to be blind or will you be the one to break out and wake up? Not only is “Wake Up” a song that will get you up and out of your chair, it’s also a song that’ll make you think.

Don’t be the only one to miss out on band w/o band, there’s still time to become a fan if you aren’t already. It’s 2022 and the world is moving quickly….wake up.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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