“Afterlight” by Cade Huseby

Photo credit: Instagram @stayservinglooks

Get ready to transport to a world of glitter and dance with the new electro-pop single from Cade Huseby, “Afterlight”. The Los-Angeles based artist opens about his fear of being vulnerable in this colorful new track.

“Afterlight” was produced by Pizzaccio and written/performed by Huseby. He takes great influence from pop artists Grimes, LOONA and Troye Sivan and it’s evident in his newest single’s lively and even out-of-this-world sound. The track was recorded at Nightbird Studios in West Hollywood, along with most of his music. He gives credit to Colton Lakey as the Recording and Mix Engineer, and Riley Gibson Graf, artist name “RYE”, as Mastering Engineer.

When opening up about the meaning behind “Afterlight”, Huseby writes, “[It] is all about my fear of being vulnerable. Having my guard up and armor on until someone or something resonates with my heart enough to tear down all my defenses. After I show my truth, will it be enough for them to stay? The term “Afterlight” is a visual [representation of] that moment after vulnerability and honesty. When all of your cards are out on the table.”

Huseby adds that the song also follows the storyline of a highly guarded lover being transcended into an alternate dimension of love and light after an encounter with someone. The resulting sound feels like a similar experience.

“Afterlight” begins with a beeping noise resembling a UFO or spaceship landing on earth and opens into an ethereal beat. Huseby comes in with a, “HEY, HEY, HEY!” His voice carries the confidence of an accomplished artist which is sure to take him far. The chorus is incredibly catchy and reminds me of recent music from Dua Lipa.

Cade Huseby has the voice and creativity to make a big name for himself in electro-pop. “Afterlight” stands out among the rest of his catalog because it is true to Huseby’s style and shows a new vulnerable side to him.

Reviewed by Gabriela Huselton





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