Classical music enthusiasts or students looking for new studying music, look no further than Juliano. His newest single “Torn” is incredibly calming while also emotionally gripping and is reminiscent of great classical artists before us.

Juliano is a composer, pianist and producer. He began writing music when he was 18 and arranged music for orchestras and bands. It wasn’t until 2019 that Juliano found his voice and began releasing music under his name. There are several musicians who have had a great impact on him including Chopin, Philip Glass and Steve Reich.

“Torn” was recorded in Juliano’s home studio. When asked about the inspiration behind this piece, he writes, “Torn is inspired by various themes such as loss, grief, melancholy, loneliness and the inner conflict of a personality that everyone goes through once in a lifetime.” In a genre of music without lyrics, it might seem challenging to imagine instruments capturing such a wide range of emotions. With Juliano, this is far from impossible.

“Torn” has vulnerable moments and areas that swell and dip just like human emotions. There are parts that soften and feel incredibly vulnerable while other moments crescendo and feel wide open. It begins with a delicate piano and opens into somber strings. In a way, “Torn” tells a story. And the wonderful part about this story is that it’s up to each listener’s interpretation to decide what it’s about.

The song reminded me of an animal alone in the woods that encounters a friend. The piano and the strings move along merrily side by side like companions. It crescendos into a heavy, dark-sounding piano bridge that gradually slows down and softens. I interpreted the ending as one of the friends passing away and the other being left alone again.

It’s amazing what a powerfully composed classical song can draw from our emotions. Juliano is not only a musician but a gifted storyteller.

Reviewed by Gabriela Huselton





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