“Kaleidoscope” by Randy Beth

One of the silver linings of the darkest days of the pandemic for many individuals was that the time spent at home allowed them to pursue creative endeavors they never had before. This is not, however, just a silver lining for individual creators but for the public audience. We’re now in the wake of that time period, and can enjoy amazing art and recordings from artists we might never have otherwise heard of. 

Randy Beth is one such artist. Hailing from New York, Beth is an actress by trade. She started playing music for the first time when she picked up guitar as a covid hobby. But by the sound of her music, you’d think she had taken voice and music lessons her whole life. Beth released her first single, “make a home” in 2021. Since then she’s released two more, the latest of which is called “kaleidoscope.” 

“Kaleidoscope” demonstrates the incredible range, tone, and quality of Beth’s swooning voice. It also has a high production value, with percussion and synth perfectly blended in. Eventually the track takes on qualities almost like a gospel choir, with soft keys, layered vocals, and clapping in the background. The song’s hook refrains “It isn’t better if it goes as planned,” which in context seems to refer to a lover. But perhaps it has a double meaning, also referring to the unexpected way the artist got into music playing and production. “Kaleidoscope,” super catchy yet unique, is impossible not to like. It’s serves as a good reminder of the silver linings in all of our lives.

Written by Maya Merberg

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