“Divided States” by Voice Of Addiction

Two decades is quite a long time, it seems like 2004 was just a few years ago. Voice Of Addiction is no stranger to time, the band has been showing up and showing out since the early 2000s. This politically charged and socially conscious band are the rockiest of punks around, the Chicago based band is back with album release “Divided States”.

If this is your first introduction to Voice Of Addiction then you’re lucky, “Division Complex” starts off the album and it far from a disappointment. The heavy punk track has that natural nostalgic sound to it, it makes you want to start a mosh pit and do some deep thinking. The album goes on and keeps on giving you the heaviness you need mixed with impactful and powerful lyrics. The Chicago based band is showing you why they’ve been around for almost two decades, great music transcends through time. In other words they’re timeless.

Do you ever just hate? It sounds bad but honestly sometimes there’s things deep in your core that you just cannot stand. “I Hate It” is Voice Of Addictions way of expressing emotions that could be seen as negative but it’s okay to address the hard feelings, the negative ones, Voice Of Addiction is allowing you to do that.

The band just keeps going and going with their political rage and it just fuels a rage inside of you that you want to let out. You should be mad about the way things are even if it doesn’t affect you personally, “Prison Food” is a song that needs to be on everyone’s list. A must listen to song that has a message and still gives you the chance to be aggressive.

As the album gets closer to ending, they show no sign of slowing down. They keep everything fast paced and in your face, they know who they are and it shows in their music. You can feel the realness, the rawness, the heart and soul, they gave you 13 songs and 40 minutes and still you will want more. Voice Of Addiction is a band that you will not want to miss out on.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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