“Little Prophecy” by Ali George

Ali George has been performing in bars and clubs in the UK since he was a teenager. At the time he played metal, but it seems that as he’s matured his style has subdued. Now, he’s developed a unique sound marked by unusual guitar tunings, fingerpicking, and a folksy musical vibe to match poignant lyrics. 

George has been steadily releasing music since 2011, and has only improved since then. His latest single, “Little Prophecy” has a fuller sound than his earlier and more Americana-style albums. It has a twinge of blues, and some unique, almost Eastern-sounding reverbs. The song swells as it goes on, and comes to an emotional crescendo as it climaxes. 

Seyfried’s easygoing piano playing matches well with the hints of cello and viola heard throughout in a song that Based on the title, you might think the lyrics draw on Christianity. But actually, George says that the song is inspired by Greek mythology. It tells a story of a man who falls in love with a beautiful woman. Someone tells him that she is “too good to be true,” but the speaker doesn’t listen. Eventually the woman leaves him— “Now it seems they had made a little prophecy,” George sings. Though it’s inspired by mythology, George also says that the song is based on a personal experience from deep in his past. “Little Prophecy” tells a specific story, but the theme of lost love is universal. This is George’s skill— his songs speak to general audiences while remaining far from trite. 

This single is off Ali George’s upcoming album “Watchful Days,” and we can’t wait to hear what it has in store!

Written by Maya Merberg

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