Wild Horse’s newest single “Bitter” is the kind of easy-listening pop song you won’t be able to stop singing once you’ve started. It’s fun, catchy, and tells a relatable story that listeners will resonate with.

The trio was formed by brothers Jack and Henry Baldwin and their childhood school friend Ed Barnes. The group is from Sussex, Southern England, and have been making music together since their teen years. Now in their 20s and based out of Brighton, the trio has been recognized by some incredible stations like BBC and Radio X but they haven’t gotten comfortable yet. Wild Horse’s sound and energy are more developed than ever. Melita Dennett from BBC Intro writes, “‘One of the hardest working acts around… Wild Horse always pull out all the stops for a high energy live show with memorable tunes which just keep on coming!”

Their new single “Bitter” is all about mixed signals and wanting more from a casual partner. The lyrics are bittersweet, hence the title, and have warm, end-of-summer vibes. The song begins with a light, upbeat guitar intro resembling 80’s pop. It ends with a soulful guitar and drum solo that ties the track together. Their overall sound also has some clear influence from modern male artists like John Mayer and The 1975.

You can’t fit Wild Horse into one box. Their music dips into rock, indie, modern pop, and 80’s pop. It’s very clear in their sound that the trio is unafraid to experiment and have fun making music together. Their exuberant energy and commitment to their craft are a sign that we’ll be seeing a lot more from them in the future.

Reviewed by Gabriela Huselton





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